going to the sun

over the labour day long weekend, myself, the Mr, and 2 of our friends set out on a motorcycle road trip down through south western alberta into montana and then back up through south eastern british columbia.  the trip was just shy of 950kms roundtrip and took us just under 3 full days with plenty of rest stops along the way, we really were in no hurry which is a lovely way to travel.

i did the trip on my drz400 supermoto (yes i was supa comfy!) and the Mr took his vstrom 650DL, loaded with most of our gear.

we left bright and early on saturday morning and headed south along the cowboy trail towards the us-can border.  never having been through waterton national park, the scenery seriously knocked my socks off.  we’ll have to do more in depth exploring there as i didn’t really get a chance to get my camera out and take proper photographs.  i did snap a few photos during a rest stop, here’s one of them:

waterton national park, alberta, canada, vscocam

once we got through the border crossing, we made our way to st. mary and the start of the going-to-the-sun highway that winds its way through glacier national park in montana.  if  you’ve ever wanted to take that trip, i highly recommend it!  its seriously a great ride on the bike and once you make it passed logan’s pass, thats where (in my opinion) the road gets even more stunning.  anywho, we ended up doing some primitive camping north of st. mary because all of the campgrounds inside the park where full but honestly, i think we ended up on the winning side of that equation.  we camped at a deserted campground that included a fantastic fireplace for super cheap – it cost us $25USD for 4 people to be right on the lake.  can’t beat that!!

camping, montana






sunset, lake, montana, clouds, sun, lake, rocks

in the morning on day 2, we were treated to a stunning sunrise.  i wish i could show you guys all the photos i took of the changing conditions but then we’d be here for a while!  here’s my favourite shot:

31Aug2014_3797, sunrise, pink, purple, lake, mountains, montana

after a hearty breakfast, we got back onto the road and headed back to the park.  the park warden told us when we went to the gate on day 1 to show up early; we started on the road at about 0830 and she was right.  for the first part, we were mostly alone but the crowds very quickly gathered and it made for some slow spots.  nonetheless, this gave us plenty of time to enjoy the road and the scenery.  logan’s pass was a total trip! it was cold and the clouds would set it, then 30 seconds later they would part and you’d be treated to some amazing views of the valley below.  simply breathtaking!  here’s a few snaps i caught on my iphone along the way, on the west side of the pass heading towards west glacier:

glacier national park, montana

glacier (august 2014) VSCO 2(above) this was my favourite part of the trip, the road into west glacier is stunning!

we had lunch in west glacier (while it rained) and headed back up into canada through eureka.  again, we had no issues at the border and made it into canada in a span of 10 minutes for 3 bikes to get through.  once in british columbia, we rode along hwy93 towards lake koocanusa and made camp overlooking the lake:





this has to be one of the few times camping where the nights were incredibly warm and we had no problems sleeping soundly in our tents.  we brought along my 14+ year old two-man kelty tent and like always, it performed fantastically!  if you’re in the market for a great tent that is easy to setup, i highly recommend kelty!  well worth the money for sure.

day 3 saw us parting ways; our 2 friends had to be in the city early to pick up their kiddo while the mr and myself took the long scenic route home along forestry trunk road.  large parts of that road were destroyed last summer when we experienced the 100-year flood and we had heard mixed reports of whether or not the road was open all the way.  it turned out that it was, although it was a bit sketchy in some parts just due to all the damage caused.  we tried to extend our trip as long as we could, taking all the back roads we could think of before actually heading home.

3 days on the bike passed by in the blink of an eye and the trip was amazing! we’re already planning our next adventure before “winter” officially starts here in alberta…

hope you all had a great long weekend as well!!

take care!

somewhere, alberta

on saturday we decided to pack up the kidlets (human and dog alike) and go for a little adventure.  the day started off a little warm, but very quickly turned cloudy with what felt like imminent rain.  luckily for us (or unluckily, depending on which way you look at it), the rain held off.  nothing a warm sweater and a toque couldn’t save!

mountain, foothills, clouds, foggy, green, vscowe drove for about 45 mins on the highway and then headed into the foothills.  we followed along one of the most beautiful roads high up into the hills and once there, stopped for a bit to stretch our legs and enjoy having our heads in the clouds!  totally surreal moment.



rock, moss, nature, clouds, landcape, fog

from there, we headed through the pass and into a little valley on the other side.  we continued driving for a little longer, trying to find the perfect spot to stop; its all wilderness camping there, with makeshift spots people stop at to spend a night or a week.  sometimes they’re pretty respectful, but there are those few who turn it all into their own little piece of shit (rather frustrating for us nature-loving-hipies).  the overwhelming noise and “music” (nothing but fuzzed out bass) turned us away from 2 beautiful sites which was very disappointing.

23Aug2014_3654as it were, third times a charm, and we found a secluded little spot overlooking the river soon enough.  first priority – start a campfire.

river, valley, rocks, water, landscape, nature


23Aug2014_3698cookin’ food on the fire – the “campfire mac’n’cheese” was a sorta failure…not as delish as i was led to believe (you LIED internet!).  nonetheless,there is something about food cooked by fire that saved the day regardless.  we had (sort of) mac’n’cheese, cheese buns, piggies in a blanket, and corn on the cob; dessert was  toasted marshmallows of course!


23Aug2014_3701once it got dusk, we slowly packed up our little worn out party and headed home.

lovely way to spend a day and recharge.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Show and Shine

we spent the better part of this day at our town’s annual show and shine.  main street is closed off for a few blocks and guys (and gals) display their awesome vintage/custom rides.  we love going to these as they’re family friendly, we get to walk, and there’s always some sort of treats involved (hello sorbets!)

17Aug2014_3624the auto-cycle. rad.

17Aug2014_3585i just like this.

17Aug2014_3589low-rider done right. we saw this truck at the previous car show as well, but there were way too many people around for photos. luckily, people buggered off for a few seconds so i could snap this.

17Aug2014_3606this is monkey’s favourite thing to do – walk over to all the cars and peak inside. bonus if the window is at her height.

17Aug2014_3618we ran into our neighbour who brought his 1970s Shovel out. love the style of bikes from the 70s, regardless of their make.

17Aug2014_3602monkey got a monkey on a palm tree from the balloon lady! other kids were asking for swords and dogs, but she of course, had to get a monkey. good kid.

car show & mini road trip

this sunday, the mr and i took monkey on a small road trip to the next town over; there is a great 1950s diner i wanted to try that serves amazing milkshakes and delicious burgers.

there also happened to be a classic car show happening so i figured the mr would enjoy drooling over fantastic classic cars with me….not to mention, introducing monkey to rad retro style is a mission of mine.DSC_0136 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0138 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0141 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0149 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0152 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0159 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0163 as Smart Object-1hello awesome jukebox player:

DSC_0188 as Smart Object-1

DSC_0189 as Smart Object-1

i love old sheds with those sorts of lights above the doors.  mark my words, i will own one of these:

DSC_0170 as Smart Object-1

we decided to take the “long scenic route” home and we were not disappointed!  the views were amazing and it gave monkey a chance to take a bit of a nap:

DSC_0195 as Smart Object-1

i hope y’all had a relaxing sunday!


around the garden

garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
the potatoes are way bigger than what we anticipated…
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
the monkey was here
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
old garden tools are the best!
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
can’t wait to gorge on raspberries!
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
our little bird feeder has been a popular addition
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
mmm, spinach
garden, veggies, photos, vintage, retro, nikon, earth, green, plants, birdhouse
the carrots are growing



when i was a kid, thunderstorms scared the living crap out of me (and by scared, i mean bawling in bed under the covers)

luckily, i have grown out of that fear and now absolutely adore them!  the bigger the better, says i.  and by that i mean, w-o-r-l-d e-n-d-i-n-g thunderboomers!

anywho, earlier this morning i was googlin’ something on the interwebs and came upon this beauty by designer richard clarkson

love everything in this photo

it was love at first sight…other than the small matter of the not so small price tag.  alas, this awesomeness will not be hanging in my living room any time soon (although you never with how cheeky life can be)…



i’m not really into the “music reactive” part of it, just gimmie the straight up thunderstorm version *swoon*


q – are you a lover of thunderous weather?