my saturday night

what are you guys up to?


mark mansavage ( blog )

mark mansavage drawing of skull wrapped in rope

( i’m pretty sure mark is becoming one of my favourite artists… )

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happy blogiversary to me!!!

i started a new job 3-4 weeks ago and its has become an all-encompassing joy in my life.  i love it.  its a bit of everything and at the moment, i was given the opportunity to design a whole whack of t-shirts for the custom motorcycle shop where i work for the new year! i’m not gonna lie, but i’m so excited!! i hope the boss likes what my mind comes up with and as soon as the tees get made, i’ll show ‘em all off!

life is moving along rather amazingly at the moment and there are definitely no complaints on my end.  how is your 2014 shaping up??

ooo, i did discover a cool new youtube channel by james victore that is totally keeping me inspired to create greatness! his videos are quick and to the point and by far my favourite one (so far) is this one here.

and a huge thank you and shout out to maya from shameless maya called “how to NOT be a starving artist” that really kicked my ass into gear.  love it.  live it.  thank you!

okay, enough from me!! i’m gonna zone out for a bit and watch a movie and hopefully get a good nights sleep; i’ll be working on illustrations / designs for tee shirts all weekend…its gonna be hella busy but dayum, i can’t wait!!

much love y’all!


skull + mouse

IMG_7297 (ink skull + mouse + flowers + smoke)

moon + raven

pencil sketch of raven skull and moon

( … yes, its a rather literal title … so sue me! ^^ )


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