chocolate chunk cookies

i was on a search for today to find a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that hopefully monkey would eat.  she has a bit of a cough so i wanted to treat her to something yummy (and healthy) she could snack on.

i found brittany’s recipe (from real sustenance) for worlds best chocolate chunk cookies on her FB page (here) and decided to give ‘em a try.

i threw a bunch of almonds into the vitamix and off we were in making some almond flour…i’m not gonna lie, but i was a bit impatient and didn’t wait for it to get supa fine so my almond “flour” was still a bit chunky.  i also added honey for sweetness and a mix of dark chocolate (71% bittersweet chocolate) and carob nibs.  the “dough” itself was uber yummy so i was pretty sure regardless of how the cookies turned out themselves, it would still be good eatin’! and the smell while they were baking? drool-worthy.

before they went into the oven....

before they went into the oven….

...and after they cooled off.

…and after they cooled off.

[update: she licked a cookie, turned up her nose, and said "mommy, i dont like it"...damn....]

[second update: she's eating a cookie....we'll see how much she actually eats of least its progress in the right direction]

if i had a penny for every....

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