Gift Guide for the Aspiring Baker (Under $30)

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Looking for gift ideas for bakers? These great baking gifts are sure to help them in the kitchen, and are all under $30! Ranging from the essentials like (fancy-ish) measuring cups to the not-so-essentials like Blow Torches and Santa Clause Chocolate molds.


  1. A Mini Food Processor — perfect for crumble toppings, granola, or simple dressing/sauce recipes!
  2. Silicone Baking Sheets – Less parchment paper, less waste, and your cookies will NOT stick!
  3. Donut Pan  – To take your favorite muffin or banana bread recipe to the next level.
  4. Set of 6 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls – Bonus: Use the big ones to make a big salad when you’re not using them for baking cinnamon rolls!
  5. Flour Sifter – It’s a good *gift*, because a lot of people skip it themselves. (Guilty, very guilty).
  6. Blow Torch – Put marshmellows on top of anything, torch them, and then call it “S’mores _____” (S’mores Cinnamon Rolls? S’more French Toast? S’mores Banana Bread? S’mores Brownies?)
  7. Adjustable Rolling Pan with Removable Rings – If I’m being honest, I would probably never use this myself. But the colors and the measures on the pin are just so nice!
  8. Easy Grab Glass Bakeware – Bake your cake, and then transport it to the Potluck with a lid AND handles. I repeat LID AND HANDLES.
  9. Glass Storage Jars – For your (oat) flour, (coconut) sugar, chocolate chips, nuts, seeds, anything really. It doesn’t look like a mess when its contained so nicely!
  10. Christmas Chocolate Mold -Make your own advent calendar with these! Such a great gift, or means to making a homemade gift!
  11. Measuring Cups and Spoons with Colorful Silicone Handles – Functional and beautiful.
  12. Silicone Spatula – Hands down, my favorite kitchen “secret weapon” is my silicone spatula. You will never mix batter with anything else.

Sharing is caring!

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